Saturday, 15 September 2007

Going to the zoo, zoo zoo!

The finale to our summer holidays was to spend a night in a posh hotel in order to visit Port Lympne zoo in Kent. The zoo is part of the John Aspinall Foundation and is dedicated to saving endangered animals and returning them to protected areas of the wild.

Our favourite part, other than the ice-cream on the beach, was to watch this wonderful female gorilla pose with her necklace. Her face seemed full of ancient knowledge and wisdom, and she was so content to sit watching all the people admiring her, I wondered if we were really the ones being studied.


fhiona galloway said...

great phots of the animals-especially like the gorrilla

natural attrill said...

I wish I was on that pebbly beach now, eating an ice cream!

Caroline B said...

Hi Helz, nice blog - love the gorilla and her garland! I'll put a link to your blog on mine if that is ok!