Friday, 16 November 2007

Crafty Christmas Chloe

It has started........... the glitter, stars, twinkles, foil and sequins have emerged today!! I knew it wouldn't be long before Chloe would want to get creating gifts and cards for her friends, family and teachers.

Here's the first tree angel and gift bag for Mr White the head-teacher. For the angel, she stitched some fabric so I could ruffle it up onto a wooden clothes peg, added some card wings pinned on with a drawing pin, glued on a button, then she wound some florist wire round a paintbrush. This was fastened onto the angel and finally she glued some woollen "hair" on and drew a face.


Caroline B said...

I see Chloe is taking after her mum! Lovely start to her Xmas pressies. The V & A is fab isn't it - went for the first time last year and we had a great time.

Sue said...

Oooo, lovely little tree angel! Clever Chloe!

natural attrill said...

Fantastic work Chloe.
The gift bag is good, very commercial looking - you'll be working with your Mum soon!
My favourite is the tree angel, she is just so sweet, really lovely work, well done!

Helz said...

Thanks you ladies, I will pass your comments on to Chloe! I'm sure there will be more creations over the next few weeks!! Helz x

Gordon Fraser said...

Really cute angel!! Very nice!