Thursday, 15 November 2007

To the Big City

For the first time I took Chloe up to London, so she could visit the V & A Museum. Fortunately for a country bumpkin that I am, a friend offered his services to escort us.... just incase we couldn't figure out how the underground worked, or got run over by a big red bus. (Long gone are the days when I would pop up to Covent Garden to browse in the shops, see bands at the Elephant and Castle, or pop along to Camden Market for a good rummage in the emporiums!!) We had a fab day, personally I could have spent the whole time in the V & A, but we managed to get around to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Needless to say, Chloe was a darling, and as her school "learning journey" this term is The Victorians she was thrilled to see things like the William Morris designs.


Sue said...

Blimey, you packed a lot in! It's ages since I went to London; I used to go alone or with my mum, looking round exhibitions or Foyles bookshop.

natural attrill said...

Lovely to see the photo of you both.
I take Toby to London every couple of months and since he was little I have got him to find the way, ie which train to catch at the mainline stations, looking at the departure boards, and then when we arrive in Kings Cross, I follow him, getting him to work out how to get where we want to go from the tube map and on the escalators etc. He is now quite confident and good at finding his way around anywhere.

Helz said...

Thank you Sue and Penny! We're back up in town on 1st December, to see Lord of the Rings musical.... can you believe it, don't go for years then twice in a couple of months! That's a good idea Penny, I'm sure Chloe will be VERY happy to take control! Helz x