Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Additions

The latest addition to the our family is Molly, a 14 month old English Springer Spaniel. As we live in an apartment it's not possible for us to own a dog, so when Nannie and Grandad's old labrador passed on we agreed to share a new dog! Molly has come from a rescue centre, and is a dream both with Chloe and the other dog Ben. She's a typical bouncy springer, whose life seem to revolve around food, ball throwing, food, cuddles, more ball throwing and of course a bit of FOOD!!!


Caroline B said...

She looks lovely - why would anyone want to get rid of her? Lucky dog to have found a super new family!

Helz said...

Hi Caroline! Molly is lovely, a typical springer... bouncy, fun and intelligent. Perhaps the previous owner didn't know much about their characters, and found her high energy too hard to handle. Ben, the old springer that is her new pal, was a sniffer dog reject, cos he was too mad even for the police!!

Caroline B said...

Often the case - my first saluki was one of three pups a wealthy guy used to ferry round in his Rolls - obviously thought they were a status symbol then couldn't cope with the sheer destruction and madness!