Monday, 2 June 2008

Does Life Get any Better?

Every now and again, you have to take stock of the world around you and grasp the beauty with all your heart. How lucky are we? Just up the road from us are the South Downs, and for a few short days we can meander through the bluebell woods in the early morning to absorb the wonderous scent and vistas that nature has shared with us.

And to be able to share that experience with loved ones, is something money cannot buy!

So for Chloe and I to be able to show this wonderous walk with our American branch of the family is equal to being millionaires!


zooms said...

Perfect moments, bluebell woods, no, it doesn't get any better than this x

Helz said...

Thanks for your comment Zooms! After the walk we were also lucky enough to see a pair of buzzards. H x

Caroline B said...

That looks like such a lovely walk - lucky you!

natural attrill said...

You are so right Helz, that's what is important in life!