Saturday, 13 December 2008

Brighton Open Studios

Chloe and I had a really fabulous day, firstly meeting up for lunch with a friend, then meandering through the downpours to soak up the beautiful work of Brighton's finest artists!

Here is a selection of our treasures, and I wish I had taken more money! The little snail card was made a boy aged 9.... how adorable is that!

Needless to say, the Fairy Field Guide by Betty Bib is going to be very well read by a certain fairy-fanatic in our house! Birthday money well spent by her I reckon, and a little hand-made fairy to hang on our tree will bring a smile each time we walk by!

Betty's blog is: well worth a visit!

Chloe chose the purse as a gift for me, and I just love the chicken card, perfect for a certain someone who has just adopted 3 chucks for her vegetarian household.

It is always inspiring to see what people create, and of course Brighton is full to bursting with very clever, imaginative and diverse artists! I can't wait until May when we can scour the studios and houses once again.

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natural attrill said...

You've posted alot since I last visited!
Some good finds in Brighton.