Saturday, 27 February 2010

Think you can't draw?

I really want to share this lovely book by a fellow illustrator John Fidler. Check out his blog and Etsy store to see just how wonderful, inspiring and clever this book is.

"This booklet is designed to help those people who say they can’t draw.In it you will find an incredibly simple yet powerful method that will enable you to create easily recognisable images.Please be assured that unlike virtually all other ‘how to draw’ guides, you will not be expected (or guaranteed!) to become another Leonardo da Vinci after six easy lessons. You simply haven’t the talent/time/desire (delete as appropriate). You can dream and aspire to it, but come on, be realistic - though I would dearly love to be proved wrong!The sole purpose of this booklet is to get you to draw something that looks like what it is supposed to look like.Everything in this booklet starts out as a letter ‘A’, or slight variation thereof. So, if you can write a letter A, you can draw!

'A is for Art' is an A5 b/w booklet with 14 very instructive pages. It is hand-stitch bound with card covers.

Postage worldwide, is as always, FREE"

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