Saturday, 5 January 2013

Complaints about Theatreline and In Time Tickets

It's not often I have reason to complain about anything. 

However, I booked a threatre break for my family in November through Threatre Line, based in Uxbridge, who also are registered as Intime Tickets.... a real treat as we wanted to go to London for New Year's Eve, see a show and then watch the firework display over the Thames.

Two days before the trip, the company phoned to cancel the booking, stating the show Wicked had been cancelled for New Year's Eve 2012, so the company had to cancel the booking and refund me the payment.

On 1st January, I emailed Theatre Line to check on the status of my refund.... no response.

Today I have emailed them twice, no reponse, and phoned them 8 times to ask for an email from them confirming the refund has been actioned or status of that.

Each phone call has had a different response:
'phone back after 11 as that's when accounts personal are in',
'there are no accounts personel in on a Saturday', 
'the refund was actioned on the day of cancellation'
'the refund was actioned on 1st January'
'my manager did the refund on 1st January'
(however, from the manager: 'I've been away and only just got back in the office')
'we can't confirm the refund as our email system is down today'
(I got a friend to email an enquiry to them, and guess what, they got a response!!)

Having spoken to my credit card company, there are no pending transactions from ThreatreLine or Intime Tickets.... so nothing had been actioned up to yesterday.

And having spoken to the hotel we were meant to be booked in to (booking made on 28th November with Theatre Line), and guess what.... no booking had ever been made in my name.

I will never use Theatre Line or Intime Tickets again, would never recommend them to anyone and certainly would suggest everyone gives them a very wide berth!


Helz Cuppleditch said...

I persisted by ringing them every 10 minutes over a 3 hour period, got hung up on or put on hold, and basically made a nuisance of myself. Eventually I got 2 emails saying the refund 'will be actioned and should be with you in 3 - 5 working days'. There are LOTS of negative posts about this company on Tripadvisor... wish I'd looked on there firs.

Caroline B said...

That's appalling! I hope you get your refund - what a shame they messed up when it should have been such a special day too.

Helz Cuppleditch said...

Thanks Caroline... according to Trip Advisor, this is a regular occurance.. taking the money and not actually booking anything, then phoning (if the client is lucky) to let them know things have been cancelled. Helz x