Wednesday, 27 February 2008

"Awash on the Web"

‘Awash on the Web’ is an exciting new, on-line, interactive learn-to-paint website, created by broadcaster and artist, Dermot Cavanagh.

Merging the popularity of watercolour painting with high speed broadband delivery, ‘Awash on the Web’, gives users the perfect opportunity to learn to paint under the tutelage of one of Britain’s leading watercolour painters, from the comfort of their own home.

‘I have been working on The Awash on the Web project for 5 years now – since the last series of the TV programme, Awash With Colour and I believe the website is the logical progression from the TV series’ Said Cavanagh.

‘The technology wasn’t readily available then to pursue an online version of the series, but with the high penetration of broadband across the UK, the conditions are now perfect for users to learn to paint from the comfort of their own homes. Awash on the Web is the logical progression from the TV series.’

‘Awash with Colour’ was an extremely successful TV programme, which ran for 74 episodes from 1997. At its peak the programme delivered a daytime audience on BBC2 of 2.5 million and established Dermot Cavanagh as a popular broadcaster and painter in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Cavanagh believes the website offers a unique painting experience for painters of all ages:‘If you have the desire to learn or to become a better painter, then awash on the Web has the capacity to teach you.’

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