Monday, 11 February 2008

New Gallery In Worthing

A very talented friend has recently opened a fab new gallery in Worthing, The Heene Gallery. Cally is an amazing floral designer, winning various medals at Chelsea Flower Show, and using the gallery as a showpiece not just for local artists but also to run workshops.

The website and business is just launched, so there is still plenty of room to expand, but bookmark the site for exciting news over the coming months!


natural attrill said...

Good luck to your friend, hope the gallery does well.
Will you be putting any of your work there Helz?

Helz said...

Thanks Penny! It would be lovely to exhibit there, especially some of my florals. But I don't want to take advantage of a friendship!! Cally knows I have some artwork that can be used, and I've left it with her to let me know if and when she wants it there!! Helz x